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What is your most
valuable asset worth?

Your retirement. Your legacy. Your future.
Value is more than a number.

Most owners have 70-80% of their net worth trapped in the value of their business, yet have never had it valued by a professional.

At Allan Taylor & Co. we believe valuation is the logical starting point for discussing the sale of your business. It can also be the basis for strategic planning that will build value in your business prior to selling.

Our valuations are based on real-world experience selling businesses since 2006. We know what buyers look for in a business, what they value, and how they formulate offers.

Whether you’re ready to sell today — or ready to start planning for a future sale — it all starts with understanding how buyers will value your business.

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Our Valuation is For

  • Owners who are ready to sell.
  • Owners who are planning to sell
    in the next 6-36 months.
  • Owners who want to increase
    the value of their business.
  • Internal decision making
  • Profitable businesses
    ($200K+ pre-tax Net Income)
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It is NOT for

  • Estate planning
  • Tax purposes
  • Divorce or litigation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Distressed businesses
  • ESOP’s
  • Reports required to be certified

Dip your toe in the water,
or take a deep dive.

We’ve got two options for you.


The First Impression

Our Competitive Snapshot gives you a better understanding of that all-important first impression your business makes on potential buyers. We’ll look at the two areas of your business that buyers immediately hone in on:

  • P&L Trends and Margins
    We take an initial look at your last three years of Profit and Loss Statements, analyze trends, and compare your company’s margins to the industry. Buyers look for consistent or improving financial performance, as well as key margins that are at or above industry averages. How does your business stack up?
  • Brand & Marketing
    Buyers will be doing their homework on your business, and the first place they’ll look is the internet. We’ll put on our buyer hat and give you our thoughts on how your business looks in the marketplace to investment-minded outsiders.

The Competitive Snapshot gives you our initial thoughts on your business from a buyer’s perspective. It also allows us to offer guidance on next steps in the valuation and selling process.

Fee: $950

[If you decide to move forward with our full BV&SA, we’ll apply a $500 credit.]
Turnaround: Approximately one to two weeks after requested information is received.

Business Valuation & Sellability Assessment

The Deep Dive

Our Business Valuation & Sellability Assessment (BV&SA) takes a deep dive into the financial and operational performance of your business. We use our years of experience in the M&A marketplace to determine an expected value range for potential offers to purchase your business. We also simulate a buyer’s initial due diligence in a transaction scenario.

The BV&SA includes all of the analysis in our Competitive Snapshot, plus:

  • Value range
  • Earnings analysis
  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Operations overview
  • Multiples research
  • Industry research
  • Deal structure considerations
  • Value drivers vs. detractors
  • Executive summary
  • Recommendations for next steps in building value and/or selling

Fee: $3500

[We’ll apply a $500 credit if you’re already a Competitive Snapshot client.]
Turnaround: Approximately three to four weeks after all required information is received.

I have prepared/seen/reviewed hundreds of business valuation reports in my career… including several of Barbara’s valuation reports. In many ways, they are the most useful reports I have seen. And if you are a business owner looking to sell your company, Barbara’s reports will leave you confident in the conclusion she reaches.

— Rod Burkert (CPA, CVA)

What will you need to get started?

Download Our Valuation Checklist:
10 Things You'll Need to Get Started

Let's Talk

We start by getting to know more about you, your business and your reasons for wanting a valuation.


We’ll send you a proposal for our BV&SA that describes everything you’ll receive in our report, as well as what we’ll need from you to get started.


The last 3 years’ financial statements and tax returns for your business. For the BV&SA we also have a 56-question survey.


We typically exchange several emails and phone calls with you to make sure we have a clear picture of your business’ financials and operations.

Deliver + Discuss

Our reports are delivered in electronic format. We schedule a 60-minute phone call or meeting to go over our findings, answer your questions, and talk about what comes next for you and your business.


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