Whatever you are not changing,
you are choosing.

— Laurie Buchanan

79% of business owners want to exit in the next 10 years
15% have talked to an advisor about their plans

Source: Business Enterprise Institute, Inc.

Most owners wait until they “feel ready” to start planning for the sale of their business. The problem with that is “when I feel ready” may not coincide with when your business is in a strong, sale-ready position, or when market conditions are favorable.

At Allan Taylor & Co. we’ve worked with owners for years prior to selling their business. It’s no surprise that these transactions were some of our most wildly successful in terms of purchase price, deal structure, and the time it took to find a great buyer and complete a transaction.

How does planning improve the sale of your business?

  • Higher valuation
  • Less seller financing
  • Shorter post-sale transition period
  • Stronger negotiating position
  • Smoother due diligence process
  • Attract more interest from high-quality buyers
  • Easier for buyers to finance
  • Fewer days on market
  • Faster timeframe for closing
  • Less stress on you and your business

A little planning
goes a long way

We recommend that you start planning for the sale of your business anywhere from 6 to 36 months before going to market. At Allan Taylor & Co. we start the planning process with our Business Valuation & Sellability Assessment. This gives us a starting point to work from. We’ll identify the areas of your business that drive value and matter most to buyers. We’ll also look at potential red flags that may lead to a lower valuation or difficulties during due diligence.

Selling a business comes with its own set of risks. A little planning and preparation goes a long way towards reducing those risks and improving the odds of a wildly successful sale.


I had the pleasure of having Allan Taylor & Company on my team for three years. They led our efforts to define and evaluate all layers of my business. They helped me measure where we fell into each category, determining and planning what steps were …read more
Laura T.
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Allan Taylor & Co. was instrumental in helping us grow our business from a small start-up to one of the top competitors in our area prior to selling. Chris and Barbara helped us see our business for what it was: An asset that provided a healthy ret …read more
Brent & Mandy M.
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Selling my business of 23 years was emotionally difficult for me, but Barbara and Chris patiently walked me through the process beginning to end. After I decided to sell, their professionalism, experience, and knowledge landed me multiple offers in suc …read more
Terri H.
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We couldn’t have been more pleased with the professional manner, advice, and attention to detail that Allan Taylor offered us throughout the selling and post-sale process. We felt lucky to have found them!…read more
Blair and Leslie E.
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