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It all started with the sale of our own business in 2006. While we were thrilled about selling our business, we couldn’t say the same about working with a business broker. We knew how hard it was to find someone to help us sell our business. We also knew we could do better.

The stakes are high when you’re selling your most valuable asset. The advisors at Allan Taylor & Co. have been in your shoes. We guide you through the entire process, from preparation and planning to finding the right buyer and closing the deal.

We build relationships before we broker deals

We take your life’s work as seriously as you do. We give careful consideration to every engagement we accept, making sure we understand you, your business, and your goals for a sale.

To this end, we’ve written a comprehensive guide on choosing the right professional to help you sell your business. Download our FREE eBook “Business Broker or M&A Advisor?”

Quality over quantity

Why do only 20% of businesses taken to market actually sell? In part because the traditional business brokerage model goes something like this: Take as many listings as possible, go to market as fast as possible, then see what sticks.

At Allan Taylor & Co. work closely with a small number of successful and dedicated business owners. Just like buyers, we do our own due diligence on the front end. We won’t go to market until you and your business are prepared for the sale process, thus avoiding the surprises that doom most deals to failure.

Nationally recognized thought leaders

The advisors at Allan Taylor & Co. have been sharing their knowledge in national publications since 2009 — including Forbes, the New York Times and CBS Moneywatch.

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