Middle Market M&A Link Roundup: Issue #3

Following are some of the best articles we’ve run across on selling a business, buying a business, business valuation, building value in your business, and other helpful advice on middle market M&A. Enjoy! 

Sell Now Or Keep Going? How One Entrepreneur Made Her Decision — Good advice from someone who considered a potential sale for all the wrong reasons.

Five key recommendations for buying or selling a business — Overlook the fact that the author is the dean of a business school (he was a CEO before that). This is a great list!

Two Things Owners Must Delegate In Order to Be Free — A short post that is equally good advice for building a sellable business.

4 Oversights That Make Your Business Less Valuable — This article sheds some light on areas of the business, and common middle market M&A deal terms, where savvy buyers might ding you.

In a Negotiation, Leaders Make the First Move — An interesting argument for why it can be a good strategy to go first in negotiations. Take-away: It lets you establish the parameters.

Business Owners: Don’t Confuse Your Compensation with Profits — A great point, and a great exercise, from my favorite cash flow guru on what to pay yourself and why.

Selling a Firm? Stick Around After the Deal — Nice article on how seller financing can influence how long you’re willing to stay involved post-sale.

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