Middle Market M&A Link Roundup: Issue #9

Following are some of the best articles we’ve run across on selling a business, buying a business, business valuation, building value in your business, and other helpful advice on middle market M&A. Enjoy! 

5 Things to Consider When Selling Your Business for Retirement. — We liked number two on this list: Make your financials tell a story that buyers will understand. Telling the story of your business will be a critical part of selling it.

The Deal Blogger Directory. — The good folks at Divestopedia have compiled a list of the top middle market M&A bloggers — including us! Check them all out.

Why You May Need to Sell Out to Grow Up. — Most business owners intuitively know when they’ve tapped out their own resources. Selling all or part of your business may be necessary to take it to the next level.

7 Questions for Your Investment Banker. — A good list that works for investment bankers, middle market M&A advisors and business brokers alike. Do your homework before engaging any firm to help you sell your business.

One Businessman’s Ownership Transition “Plan.” — A plan to transfer ownership from father to son ignores the laws of unintended consequences. Take-away: An internal transfer is as difficult and risky as any other.

Is Your Spouse Your Most Trusted Advisor? — This post does a great job of listing out the people that typically rank high on a business owner’s list of trusted advisors, and explains why they probably aren’t.

8 Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Your Business. — Don’t underestimate the importance of doing your own pre-due diligence assessment on your business before going to market. Surprises kill deals!

50 Quotes from Successful Womenpreneurs. — October was National Women in Small Business Month. Hip, hip, hooray!

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