Middle Market M&A Link Roundup: Issue #5

Following are some of the best articles we’ve run across on selling a business, buying a business, business valuation, building value in your business, and other helpful advice on middle market M&A. Enjoy! 

Lessons Learned: Buying a Financially Troubled Company — A great firsthand account from a lawyer’s perspective of what not to do as a business owner and seller.

Accounts Receivable Management: 9 Thoughts to Add Value to Your Business — In addition to some great advice, this article features a real-life scenario of how sloppy A/R collection affected business value.

Why Mid-Market Companies are Valued Lower Than Their Public Company Peers — This short article helps explain how risk affects pre-tax earnings multiples in middle market M&A deals.

Making a Big (or Small) Decision? How Meditation Can Help — Take away: Don’t let the wrong emotions cloud your decision-making process.

Avoid These 8 Retirement Screw-Ups — While written for the average investor, this list is just as powerful when read in the context of owning a small business.

20 Signs It’s Time to Let Go and Move On — Another article that was written for everybody, but provides a ton of wisdom if you’re struggling with the decision to leave your business.

5 Reasons Buyers Want Your Key People and Not You — If you’ve done things right over the years, you will have worked your way out of a job at your company. If not, you’re in trouble.

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