Middle Market M&A Link Roundup: Issue #11

Following are some of the best articles we’ve run across on selling a business, buying a business, business valuation, building value in your business, and other helpful advice on middle market M&A. Enjoy! 

Investment bankers don’t have magic words

Beware of any business broker or investment banker that claims they can get a buyer to pay more for your business. Intelligent buyers know exactly what your company is worth to them. Focus instead on enhancing the primary value drivers at your company.

4 signs that it’s time to sell your business

Business owners sell for a variety of reasons. They also tend to wait too long to plan their exit. We see all four of these, but especially number three. Has your business outgrown you?

What is the “Middle Market” of companies, and what do they have in common?

When it comes to selling your business, size matters. The size of your business — along with other characteristics listed in this post — will determine the advisors you’ll need to hire, your business valuation, and the types of buyers your business will attract.

“Um, I’m selling the business” isn’t the easiest conversation to have with your team

How and when to tell your management team and employees that you’re selling your business can be one of the most awkward parts of the process. There is no right way to do it. Take-away: Get the must-knows in the know quickly.

Top 3 reasons why business owners don’t do transition planning

In addition to three reasons why business owners don’t plan their exit, this post lists out three things that exit planning gives business owners. Rather than thinking of it as an ending, exit planning can be a way to achieve both business and personal goals.

A good year to sell your business?

This is one of several articles we’ve seen lately about the climate for selling a business. In a word, it’s good. While the market for business sales may be favorable right now, you’ll still need to make sure your business is built to sell and ready to go to market.

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